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1. Free Consultation

Our Free Consultation provides you with an opportunity to meet with your potential academic coach, discuss what challenges the learner is experiencing, and set clear expectations before moving forward. This also allows the learner, parents/guardians, and coach a chance to get to know each other in a safe, comfortable setting before any final decisions or commitments are made. Consultations may take place either at the comfort of your own home, or you can schedule to meet at our office.

2. Learner Entry Survey

Every learner is unique and in a different place in their academic journey. With this knowledge, coaching sessions first begin with a Learner Entry Survey which gives insight into the learner's current academic habits, strengths, and areas where the greatest improvement can be made. The Learner Entry Survey examines and evaluates four important categories tied to ongoing academic success and provides direction to future coaching sessions for effective and measurable results: 

Goal Setting



Study & Test Preparation Skills

3. Identifying Core Values & Internal Motivation

Learning occurs when there is connection between the learner and the new information. If you do not find certain information useful/valuable to you, then you will likely have a harder time connecting to the information, engaging with it, and learning from it. This is why an important step we take with each learner is identify their core values and coach them to reflect on how their values connect with their education to help foster their internal motivation for their own academic success. Academic, and life, goals can also be more effectively set to be in line with the learner's values and interests. Having academic goals in line with one's own values allows for internal motivation towards one's self-determined goals--leading to a greater sense of purpose, accomplishment, and fulfillment in academic endeavors.

4. Exercise/Learning Plan

Exercise plans are tailored to the individual learner's needs based upon the results of the Learner Entry Survey. The Learner Entry Survey provides the learner and coach a clear starting point for which academic skills, techniques, and habits need to be prioritized and improved for the greatest results. Exercises are designed to provide learner's with the opportunity to learn and practice effective strategies for SMART goal-setting, including identifying and overcoming obstacles to goals, time-management, organization, study and test prep skills such as the use of mnemonic devices, how to spend time efficiently while studying, and more. The duration of sessions is two hours and the number of sessions needed is determined by the learner's current needs idenitified in the Learner Entry Survey.

5. Learner Exit Survey

After a learner has completed their Exercise Plan, they will complete a Learner Exit Survey which will re-evaluate the learner's academic habits, strengths, and weaknesses to be compared with their responses from their Entry Survey. The goal of our academic coaching process is to empower the learner with the skills and techniques to achieve their personal academic goals, be confident in themselves, and in control of their education. To properly determine whether this goal has been reached, the Learner Entry Survey and the Learner Exit Survey are compared to determine where improvements have been made and what skills the learner may need further ongoing practice as they continue their academic journey.

6. Follow-up Sessions (Optional)

The key to mastery is time and practice. While our exercises do introduce learners to important academic skills and prepare them for higher levels of learning, we do not expect them to master all these skills overnight. Even professionals in the academic world have not mastered all these skills and continually work on self-improvement. After having completed their Exercise Plan, learners will be equipped to be more self-aware of what challenges are presenting obstacles to their academic goals and can schedule to meet with their academic coach to discuss and review different strategies, or practice specific skills, to overcome their experienced challenges on a more flexible schedule.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is my highest priority. If you are not satisfied with the services provided, you may cancel your ongoing service agreement at any point.

There are no refunds for services already provided.

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