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What is Academic Coaching?

What academic coaches do and how it differs from tutoring

Academic Coaching Solutions, LLC provides comprehensive academic coaching services that focus on the practice of executive functioning and study skills, rather than tutoring in specific subject areas. As a coach, I aim to help students understand their academic strengths and weaknesses and engage them in meaningful learning exercises so they can develop the fundamental learning skills necessary to succeed in their current and future academic pursuits.

What's the Difference from a Tutor?

Academic coaches focus on the development of healthy and effective goal setting, time-management, organization, and study skills which enables learners to flourish in a diverse curriculum. A tutor, on the other hand, will focus more on the development of skills in a specific subject area, such as how to determine surface area of a cylinder in geometry, for example. 

An academic coach may be the right choice if you, or your child, experience difficulty with:

  • Confidence in academic settings

  • Motivation toward completing assignments or graduation requirements

  • Staying on top of classwork

  • Maintaining a healthy school-work-life balance

  • Completing large, high-quality, projects on time

  • Planning ahead

  • Keeping class papers organized

  • Preparing early and performing well on exams

  • Participating in classes

  • Adjusting to higher levels of education

What an Academic Coach Can Do for You

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Study Skills


Application Process



Scholarships/Financial Aid

Work/Career Prep

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