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Message from the Founder

Hello and thank you for visiting!
My name is Shayne Weber and I would love to tell you about myself, my mission, and why I started Academic Coaching Solutions, LLC to support learners in the Fort Collins, CO area.



Ever since I was a young child growing up in a small Iowa town, I had a passion for learning. I was always driven to learn more about the world around me, who I am, and what it means to have a good life. My passion and natural curiosity led me to study Philosophy, but as a first-generation college student, I experienced--and overcame--many challenges in my academic journey. Though the journey may have been challenging at times, what a learning experience it has been! 

I have been fortunate, and deeply grateful, to have worked with students from a broad range of backgrounds as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Northern Iowa, and later, as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Philosophy at Colorado State University. After I transferred to CSU in 2018 to finish my Bachelors Degree, I quickly began working with other passionate students to support my academic community and foster an encouraging learning environment through the Philosophy Club of CSU, which I Co-Founded in 2018 and served as President from 2018-2019. While I was awarded as the Outstanding Emerging Leader of the Year from among leaders of over 500 student organizations during the 2018-2019 CSU SLiCE Student Leadership Awards for my work, the greatest reward has been to see the organization and students continue to flourish from community engagement and leadership opportunities which were not available to them prior to the creation of the student organization. I went on to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy from CSU in 2019, and was awarded as the College of Liberal Arts Graduate of the Year. I am now working towards earning my Master's Degree in Philosophy through the Colorado State University Graduate Philosophy program and plan to graduate in 2024!


The key to personal academic success does not depend on being a natural genius, but rather, success comes from internal motivation along with long-developed skills related to goal setting, time-management, organization, and studying. I believe everyone has the potential to succeed and become an expert in topics and subjects which connect deeply to their personal values and passions.

While working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant with students who had just entered college, I found many students had not fully developed the foundational academic skills to excel in highly demanding academic environments. I found that young students entering high school are also struggling with developing these essential skills. Local tutoring centers are unfortunately not able to meet the increasing needs of students, and it is customary to have one tutor working with three or more students at the same time. Many students in these environments do not receive the individualized and direct attention needed to address the unique challenges in their educational journey. I started Academic Coaching Solutions, LLC in 2023 to provide the individualized and direct attention every student needs and realize my personal mission:

Empower millions of learners with the skills and techniques to achieve their personal academic goals, be confident in themselves and in control of their education by providing quality coaching, learning exercises tailored to the learner's unique needs, and encouraging peer-support.

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